Lately, I’ve been pursuing other creative outlets. I’ve dabbled in poetry off-and-on over the last couple of years but until now, I’ve never shared any of my poems. A few weeks ago, a friend inspired me to write this poem about her. Critics… please, be kind.

Unknowing Beauty

My dear friend, unaware of her splendor,
and an unrehearsed charm which could slay any man.

Desiring no agenda and those of candor,
an insatiable desire to be a loved woman.

In her presence, many men are deceitful;
silence shrouds others in invisibility.

She wonders why each suitor is but a fool,
each struggling to prove their common individuality.

She embodies the essence of Venus,
and fills Aphrodite with jealousy.

Her angelic innocence and gracefulness,
with an Irish name as music so lovely.

Too timid to approach, my pride to preserve,
for she is more than mere mortal man deserves.