Most people who use social networking services like Facebook, take great joy in reconnecting with long lost friends. I am certainly one of those people who have had the pleasure of reconnecting with friends. Twenty years later, these young girls of my youth are now beautiful, sensual, intelligent women whom I enjoy talking with on a regular basis now.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend an annual hometown festival this year — I would’ve loved to have seen these friends in person. Recently, I publicly shared a poem and one such friend said, “…I wish a man would talk to me like that.” I considered that a great compliment and I was inspired to write a poem about her. As I looked at her photograph, I thought about the reunion I will be missing. This is only the second poem I’ve ever publicly shared — critics please be gentle:


One Dance

Her soft voice pierces the deafening crowd,
many faceless faces yet, I only see her.

My true intentions covered in a shroud,
my emotions uncontrollably stir.

The music begins and I pull you near;
in your eyes, I see my altered being.

I only hear your voice in my ear:
I am yours but you are my everything.

No past or present… only this moment
to be in this liberating embrace.

Difficult to contain my excitement,
a taste of your lips… my heart starts to race.

Sweet Melissa, offer me one chance,
you’ll be my religion after one dance.