This is the third poem I’ve shared publicly. I originally wrote this poem many, many years ago (circa 1994) about a girl which drove me crazy. I was going through my notebook and stumbled acrossed it, along with an old photograph. Boy, it sure brought some memories.

I rearranged only a few words, corrected some spelling, and renamed it. The original poem was entitled “Undiscovered Self” but I was afraid too many people would confuse it with Carl Jung’s “The Undiscovered Self.” I didn’t want to be accused of stealing the title!

As usual, critics, please be gentle (but constructive criticism is always welcome):

Unleash Me

She is to my eyes, as breath is to life;
Her seductive beauty is without reins.
She knows not the power she possesses.
My eyes slowly breathe in her being.

Now, I can see no woman but her.
She is all my mind’s eye can see.
She is all my senses can sense.

Grateful to be her prey, I yield…
A soft kiss whispers my name,
her lips taste of wanton desire.

She unleashes from me not me,
a man I did not know I could be.
In the throes of passion, she cries:
“Almighty God, thank you!”