I bet many of my friends thought this poem would be funny and dirty. Sorry. I have been dabbling in poetry for quite a few years but I seldom share them. I wrote this poem earlier this week and finished it today. If any of you haters don’t like it or want to make fun of me, you can kiss me between my back pockets.

Before I met you

I walked in no direction to the sound of muted music.
Unchanging seasons only produced dry, odorless roses.
Neither sunrise nor sunset signified an end to the day.
Sunrises lacked warmth and
sunset meals had no taste.
This was my path before I met you.

A sculptor with no clay,
a painter with no brush,
a singer with no voice,
and a musician with no instrument.
These were my troubles before I met you.

Your voice is my beacon leading me out of a gray world.
Your smile warms my soul
and your touch restarts my heart.
You have breathed life into my existence.