After twenty years of enjoying photography, I’ve developed a specific taste and  a unique style. I don’t believe my photographs are good enough to warrant pursuing a professional career. Besides, I have a pretty good job now and from what I’ve read, photography is an extremely competitive business. I’ve heard photographers work hard. Well, I am lazy and I don’t like competition, so I will remain a hobbyist.

In a discussion with a lady friend of mine, she informed me that she thought my pictures have a “strong sense of masculine energy.” Interesting. Of course, I responded in a typical disgusting male fashion: “When I photograph flowers, I like to urinate on them first.”

Not too long ago, a fellow blogger asked me: “Can I ask what it was like to serve in the Navy while also being an artist? Are you sensitive? If so, did you find this challenging?” At first, I thought someone was making fun of me and just “jerking my chain.” Then I got angry. Sensitive? Nah. Appreciative and attentive of the world around me… yes, I’d like to think so.

So, I wanted to challenge myself. What could I photograph to shake this “masculine energy” label?  First of all, I browsed through my photographs to find subjects that weren’t normally associated with “masculine energy.” Sure enough, my perspective on them did have such a sense:


My incredibly talented, intelligent, and beautiful friend Marcia.

Marcia is the owner and creative force behind marcia anne designs. Her work is amazing.


A urine-free lily.

Even though I used glitter glue to make these gifts for some friends of mine, I think the the picture has masculine energy.

I thought all was lost until I stumbled upon this picture. It was taken by my sister when I was home on leave from the Navy. I was sound asleep with my niece Kylee in my arms.

My niece and I ... years ago.

Bingo! I will photograph a baby!

When my friends afforded me the opportunity to photograph their adorable one-year-old daughter Emily Abygael, I jumped at the chance. She crawled around on the floor, climbed the couch, and was fast! I crawled around on my belly and played with her, and I got some pretty, dare I use the word… “cute” pictures. Here are a few of them:

Playboy Bunny sofa pillow

Baby Emily resting on my Playboy Bunny sofa pillow while staring out the window. I should probably ditch the Playboy stuff next time (It's a bachelor pad).

Mommy behind glass

Mommy behind the sliding glass door.

Not a bit of masculine energy in this picture. I can do it!

It was a fun afternoon and I am looking forward to taking more pictures of Miss Emily.