I don’t like photographs taken with a flash. Perhaps, it is my inability to use a flash. I’ve tried diffusers and other techniques but I get lousy results. So, I just use a fast lens whenever I can. My two favorite lenses are a 50mm prime and my pride and joy: 24mm f/1.4L II USM.

My experience with high ISO 35mm film was that it was too grainy. However, today’s camera technology is amazing. I have taken pictures with ISO 3200 and they are amazing. Of course, many people love the grainy look and will intentionally take a crisp photograph and edit it to make it grainy. Not me. I might soften it but I don’t like the grainy look.

With these two ingredients, I’d like to share a few pictures…. no flash:

AtitudeAttitude. This little Diva was trying on sunglasses in the Gucci store. I asked her mother if I could take her picture and the girl struck a pose for me. Classic.


Prohibition Porter and friends

Prohibition Porter and friends

Kelly's Irish Times

Kelly's Irish Times in Washington, D.C.

Irish Love

IRISH LOVE. I also have an amazing 60mm USM macro lens. With a tripod and some patience, I can capture some pretty cool stuff with it.

I've got Time on my side...

I am old school. I carry a pocket watch.


Exhausted. I took this on the flight deck of the USS Independence in 1992. This fellow was exhausted and was trying to cool off in the shade.