Most people hate having their picture taken — especially photographers. I don’t like having my picture taken because I think I look like an overweight, drunken grizzly bear. And it never ceases to amaze me when a beautiful woman doesn’t like her picture taken. Some think they aren’t attractive enough, while others might be worried what people will think. Will other women think they are vain?

Pffft…. If you want to have pictures taken of yourself to send to loved ones, do it. If you want to capture the moment with your friends, do it. I have taken pictures of many of my friends and they are always worried that I would post them to Facebook or my blog before they’ve “approved” them. I always respect their wishes — and if they change their mind later, I will remove a picture I have already posted while muttering the phrase: “Women are crazy.”

Recently, some friends  had their picture taken by a wonderful photographer: Julie Socher. I saw some of the pictures and thought they were amazing, classy, and simply beautiful. Julie is an amazing artist and she really connects with these ladies and makes them feel fabulous. If you get a chance, please check out her blog here.

I also follow Julie’s Facebook page. In one of her posts, she said she was exploring D.C. and snapped a self-portrait — something she rarely does. Not sure why because Julie is beautiful, too. Nonetheless, I realized that I rarely take pictures of myself — it feels kind of silly.

When I am out with friends, one or two of my friends like to grab my camera and take pictures. I don’t trust too many people with my camera but my friend Jill takes good care of my girl (my camera). And besides, she takes some pretty good pictures.

Since I recently had the courage to update my About Page and revealed my true identity, I thought I would share a few pictures of the man behind the camera: the victim.


Clearly I was the victim here. Mothers behind the camera are allowed to do whatever they want I guess. However, I wish she wouldn't have dressed me like a member of the Little Rascals.


Holiday parties with some of my gorgeous friends. Admittedly, I don't look too victimized in these.


Self-portraits... I feel so strange taking them. I am always looking around to make sure no one is watching.


My friend Jill catching me off guard while aboard our friend's boat and at the Barrel Oak Winery.


Again, my friend Jill victimizing me.