My New Year’s resolution is to serve others. In this personal challenge, I will use my passion for photography and writing and my love for history and veterans to help others.

I am compiling a photography book which will be available to those who make a donation to the charity organization Friends of the Wounded Veterans (FOTWV).

The book will consist of photographs of monuments and sites within Washington D.C. celebrating our history, our leaders, and our heroes. I will research each photograph and provide details in the book.

I will also offer prints and digital copies provided they are for personal use only. All donations go directly to FOTWV.

This is my challenge! I would love it if you, my blog readers, were involved. I will be posting photographs throughout the year, and I hope you provide me feedback. Together, I think we will assemble an awesome collection of photographs for a great cause.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Click on image for larger view and map.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

All of the photographs in the book will be black and white. However, any object with red, white, and blue, I think I will leave the object in color. (Click on image for larger view and map.)