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A talented, young, aspiring photographer recently asked me, “Jamie, what is your camera’s name?” I smiled and responded, “Her name is Bunny — as in Playboy Bunny because I can’t keep my hands off her.” Since he is only fourteen years old, I don’t think he got the joke. However, his mother, a long-time friend, saw the humor in it.

Of course, she isn’t the first Bunny. Yes, I am a pig because when Bunny gets too old and slow, I trade her in for a new one. The new Bunny even gets the old Bunny’s stuff. No shame.

When I was nineteen years old and living in the Boston area, I purchased my first camera. While serving in the Navy, I owned two other cameras. Unfortunately, I put my photography on the back burner for a few years. However, a few years ago, my passion was reignited.

Yesterday, I read a wonderful post (Photo by Holly) which reminded me of the therapeutic power of photography. It is an escape, it awakens me to the beauty in anything and everything, and it requires me to focus. In order to capture the world around me at a moment’s notice, I usually have my camera with me. When I was younger, I took pictures of everything!

I kept the 35mm negatives and slides from those days, and I have been slowly digitally scanning them.  In an earlier post, Nature is the Art of God, I share some of those early photographs of my youth.

In this post, I thought I would just share an eclectic blend of photographs which I have “snapped” over the years. To see a larger version of the photograph, just click on it.

NOTE: Please, don’t steal my work — see my copyright notice below. If you’d like to use any of my images, send me a message. If you’re a charitable organization or an educational institution, my answer will probably be “yes.” But please, ask me first. Thank you.

Sydney Australia

Sydney Australia (1992)


Boston Public Garden (1989)

Pennsylvania Corn Field

Pennsylvania Corn Field (2010)

Union Station Washington D.C.

Union Station Washington D.C. (2011)

Why aren't you open yet?!?!?

No!!! You can't be closed! Herndon, Virginia (2009)


End of a long day.... My glasses and stirrer must match. I also have Playboy Bunny ice-cube trays.

Old Man

Sydney Australia (1992)

USS Ranger (CV-61)

USS (CV 61) Ranger's last cruise: December 1992. She was decommissioned on 10 July 1993. I took this picture from the USS Independence (CV-62) in the Persian Gulf.

F-14A Tomcat on the USS (CV 62) Independence.

CV-62 Starboard side looking down from island

Danger makes me sleepy

Elms by the Tidal Basin inlet

Elms by the Tidal Basin inlet (2011)

West Potomac Park

West Potomac Park (2011)

Arctic Shithouse

Arctic Shithouse, Adak, Alaska (1990). Yes, the winds were so strong you had to tie down any outhouse on the tundra.

Near George Washington University (2011)

Simple Pleasures -- Matching shot glass. 😉