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Langston Hughes said, “I stuck my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me bang in the face.” Despite a few rainy days, the weather has been great the last two weeks. Unfortunately, I can feel the humidity rising, and if you follow my blog, you know I can’t stand the heat.

Yesterday afternoon after work, I decided to walk my dog Murphy in an area we haven’t been in a while. So, I attached my 60mm macro lens, grabbed my monopod (just to be clear, that was not a sexual innuendo), and Murphy and I headed out the door. Like most people, I typically use my macro lens for really close-up work. However, you can use a macro lens further away than you think — in fact, many people use macro lenses for portrait work. In order to get good results, it takes practice to really understand your equipment.

While walking around, I was reminded of when I lived in the English Midlands and knew a beautiful, fun-loving English girl who could knock back a pint or two (or more). I remember sitting outside the pub, enjoying the English countryside and laughing with this “bird.” Here is a poem for you my love, wherever you may be:


Because of you, in gardens of blossoming flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring.

I have forgotten your face, I no longer remember your hands; how did your lips feel on mine?

Because of you, I love the white statues drowsing in the parks, the white statues that have neither voice nor sight.

I have forgotten your voice, your happy voice; I have forgotten your eyes.

Like a flower to its perfume, I am bound to my vague memory of you. I live with pain that is like a wound; if you touch me, you will do me irreparable harm.

Your caresses enfold me, like climbing vines on melancholy walls.

I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to glimpse you in every window.

Because of you, the heady perfumes of summer pain me; because of you, I again seek out the signs that precipitate desires: shooting stars, falling objects.

— Pablo Neruda

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