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I recently volunteered to photograph the Friends of the Wounded Veterans annual car and bike show. It was a photographer’s dream — so many beautiful lines, brilliant colors, and angles to shoot. A few days later while processing the photographs, I wondered why a man gives his car (or bike) a woman’s name. Likewise, women tend to give their ride a man’s name.

In the Navy, we always referred to ships in our fleet as her and enemy ships as him. Perhaps the reason was that all of the ships under Mother Navy were her daughters and enemy ships were deviant men who would defile and dishonor her daughters. We sailors would fight to the death to defend their honor.

When it comes to cars and bikes, however, only the hot and sexy ones are named. I mean, what guy names his minivan “Yolanda”? What straight man wants to ride a bike named “Duke”? I suppose women name their cars and bikes for the same reason they name their vibrator. If this is true, do gay men give their ride a male name? We all appreciate different beauty.

Nonetheless, the cars and bikes I saw at the show were amazing. I prefer the older cars, but there were some amazing new cars. I loved the lines of these cars and bikes. Here are some photographs from the show: