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Some friends suggested I sell some of my photographs, but I thought to myself, “Who on earth would buy one of MY photographs?” Photography has been a hobby since I bought my first camera in 1989. I have given several of my photographs away, and I have taken many pictures for people. However, I never considered my work worthy of a commercial sale. Yes, a few people have offered some money, but I simply requested they make a donation to a worthy charity.

Photography is personal to me, and it makes me very happy when others like my work. Nonetheless, after some consideration I’ve decided to sell some of my photographs. Thanks to the help of a very talented and organized young woman, soon you will be able to buy prints online, and donations will be made to some of my favorite charities. I have designated her Business Manager & Art Director.

In my January post “Personal Challenge: Serve Others,” I expressed my desire to compile photographs of Washington, D.C., memorials and monuments. My plan was to pay for the printing of the books and then donate them to the Friends of the Wounded Veterans (FOTWV) so they could sell them. However, the upfront cost of printing them was a bit high. My new plan is to make all of those photographs available online so that people can design their own book, and donations will be made accordingly.

I am very excited, and I am very grateful for her assistance. This young woman is married with two toddlers, works full-time, volunteers for the FOTWV, and is now going to manage this project. Earlier this month, I photographed her family, and she has granted me permission to share some of those photographs. Here are some photographs of her beautiful family:

Meet Laughing Bunny Photography’s new Business Manager and Art Director — and her beautiful daughter!

He was making faces to get his sister to smile… it didn’t work.

Ladies you know… it is all about the shoes.

This is one of my personal favorites.

Dad teaching his son a critical life skill… skipping rocks.

She liked the flower I gave her but then she got pollen on her nose.