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In my last post, I shared a sunset photograph over the Chesapeake Bay. Though a submarine sailor, I also served aboard a few surface ships, and I recall the tranquil feeling at sea—especially early in the morning before watch or late in the evenings. The sights, sounds, and the smell while on the Chesapeake Bay reminded me of those days of my youth.

Most sailors will tell you how much they love being at sea, but it can be a lonely life. However, I liked the isolation… I wasn’t married, nor did I have children. Nonetheless, it can be a lonely life. Thomas Moore is one of my favorite writers, and here is one of my favorite poems which reminds me of those days at sea.

The Halcyon Hangs O’er Ocean

The halcyon hangs o’er ocean,
The sea-lark skims the brine;
This bright world’s all in motion,
No heart seems sad but mine.

To walk thro’ sun-bright places,
With heart all cold the while;
To look in smiling faces,
When we no more can smile;

To feel, while earth and heaven
Around thee shine with bliss,
To thee no light is given,—

Oh, what a doom is this!

—Thomas Moore

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Boat wake at sunset on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sunset aboard the aircraft carrier USS Independence (CV 62) in 1992.

My younger days. This was taken aboard the USS Mobile Bay (CG 53) in the Sea of Japan in 1993.