Last Saturday, my baby sister married the man of her dreams. My older sister (she hates when I call her that) was also present, and I finally met her husband. After finally meeting him and watching my baby sister’s ceremony, I am content in knowing that my sisters are happy, secure, and most importantly… LOVED. I finally have brothers.

The wedding was to be held outdoors in Morven Park, Leesburg, Virginia. However, severe thunderstorms and 60 to 70 mph winds forced us to have the ceremony in Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis’ mansion. The reception was to be held in a white tent outside; however it was moved to a horse and carriage museum — which was beautiful!

As a groomsman, I wasn’t able to photograph the ceremony, so I entrusted my brother-in-law with my camera, and he did a fantastic job! Unsure of the lighting, I set my camera on shutter-priority of 1/250 second, an ISO of 6400, and let him go. He got some great shots.

After the ceremony, I piggy-backed on the wedding photographer and captured a few shots. I am not good at posing people, and she did a great job. It is very difficult to coordinate large groups of people for shots. I prefer candid shots, so I just wandered around before it was my turn to BE photographed.

Later that evening, I broke out my camera. I even turned my camera over to my friend Ben, who is also a photographer. I wanted to record some video, and I knew he was a competent photographer.

So, here are some shots from my sister’s special day:

Our homemade signs survived the storms. (Photo by David and editing by me).

Photo by David (my brother-in-law) and editing by me.

They were preparing for a formal photo but they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. (Photo by me).

Margot — the groom’s niece was one of two flower girls. (Photo by me).

Aubrey was one of two flower girls, she LOVED the lion statues. You can see the rain drops streaking in the background. (Photo by me).

Margot — one of two flower girls. They LOVED their dresses… I was getting dizzy just watching them spin around. (Photo by me).

My sister…. she was very happy! Married the man of dreams, country music was playing, and she has a beer. (Photo by me).

One of my sister’s friends. My sister has beautiful friends! (Photo by me).

Photo by Ben and editing by me.