Friends of the Wounded Veterans

“Atlas” is a service dog who NEVER left his soldier’s side during the 2011 FOTWV Christmas Party.

All photographs purchased from Laughing Bunny Photography benefit the Friends of the Wounded Veterans.  Who are the Friends of the Wounded Veterans? In a recent letter by FOTWV President Bob Froehlich, he eloquently answered this question. The Friends of the Wounded Veterans (FOTWV) was formed in January of 2011 to help the wounded veterans being treated at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. These soldiers were previously treated and housed at Walter Reed Army Hospital until its closure in September 2011.

Because of FOTWV’s limited funding, they have focused their time, funds and efforts on the approximately 400 soldiers in the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Belvoir. These units were formed to help long-term patients heal. Brigadier General Michael S. Tucker stated, “There has to be a place for these Soldiers to convalesce and heal, and possibly one day return to duty.”  He went on to say, “…it’s more than just healing the physical wound itself. It’s the healing of the body, mind, and spirit — the holistic approach to healing.” Captain Avid Payne said, “These units allow for wounded Soldiers to focus on healing and reconnecting with the families. It takes time.”

These Soldiers are still active duty military, but their only military duty is to be at formation every Monday and Friday. The rest of their week consists of doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, and rest. On the weekends, they are free to relax. This is where the FOTWV steps in — to break up the monotony and boredom of their week. FOTWV works hard to get these Soldiers off-base and into the main stream of society to relax and enjoy some of the things they have missed during their service to our country.

My great-grandfather is a veteran, my grandfathers are veterans, my father is a veteran, and I am a veteran. I have dedicated Laughing Bunny Photography’s resources to earn a few extra dollars to support  FOTWV.

Thank you for your support.


9 thoughts on “Friends of the Wounded Veterans”

  1. Thank you for sharing this information … and for dedicating your time and talents to supporting such a worthwhile endeavor. I’m proud of your service to our country and even more proud of your determination to give back to others who have also served. Well done.

  2. Johnd477 said:

    Great blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also fkdffdfeedee

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